Photographic Restoration

Art Gallery 101 has extensive experience with photographic restoration in the Washington DC Metro area. Our office is located off of Main Street in Fairfax, Virginia. Our projects include professional photographs such as weddings and family portraits, to snap shots, silver gelatin, albumen and other historic and traditional photographic images. Depending on the extent of damage, photos may require only a physical dry cleaning or retouching. This could be a result of light soot from fire and smoke, or moisture and light mold due to humidity as a result of a power outage. In severe cases, high quality scanning and digital restoration is required. This could be a result of a bad house fire, water damage from flooding, pests, or even the acidic properties of older materials. We specialize in art restoration and repair. It is necessary to remove this as soon as possible in order to ensure the integrity of the art. Due to the variety of materials used and varying degrees of damage, testing may be required to determine whether a work of art is restorable.